U10 programming is designed to build a strong foundation of fundamentals and a passion for ski racing. Focusing on fun and challenge, participants are exposed to a variety of learning situations designed to give them success and the desire for more! Structured, technical free-skiing, woods/powder skiing, gate drills and gate training are part of any practice. Participants must be able to independently put on their own ski equipment, load and ride the lift alone, and ski at an intermediate level.  Racing introduction will focus predominantly on giant slalom, with an emphasis on teaching participants how to prepare for and react to the challenges of competition

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Category: …………………….U10

Ages:……………………………U10 (DOB 2010 and 2011)

Start-End Dates: …………..December 7th, 2019 – March 28th, 2020

Training Hours:…………….9:00am – 2:00pm, Saturday & Sunday


The U10 program continues to build on our U8 programing, focusing on skill building, goal setting, and competition.  With the main focus continuing to be on fun, participants are greater exposed to a variety of learning situations designed to give them success and the desire for more! Free-skiing, gate drills, gate training are part of any practice.

Technical/Tactical Goals

  • Share the love of the sport with a team!
  • Learn to be a good teammate
  • Athletes will develop good stance and balanced
  • Athletes will develop proper pole plants and arm usage.
  • Athletes will improve the elements of a carved ski.  More edge control
  • Introduction to Slalom radius turns.
  • Lots of mileage!!!

Competition Goals

The U10 athlete is being introduced to racing and competition. Learning to memorize the course and preparing for more difficult gates, striving to improve times on each run, supporting teammates who get faster or slower times, and receiving feedback from the coaches on the race run are some of the more common features of competition in the U10 groups.

Competition Events for U10

There are five races run usually on Sundays starting in January and ending in mid-March. These events can be hosted by any of the seven mountains that make up the Northern Vermont Racing council; Sugarbush, Mad River Glen, Cochran’s, Stowe, Burke, Jay Peak and Smugglers Notch. The competitions have over 100 boy and girl racers and prizes are awarded at each race. No qualification is necessary for any of the races.


The following provides overview highlights of the Program’s curriculum. Should the more detailed curriculum be desired, please contact the Head Coach.

Coached Free Skiing 45%
Coached Free Skiing/ Gate Drills 35%
Coaches Gate Training/ Race

Equipment Requirements ~ U10
A pair of “race” skis- A slalom ski or combo ski will work best.

A pair of “rock skis”/or “Trainer skis” (used when condition/terrain are thin). No Twin Tips Please!

Boots– very important for proper fit and athlete is able to flex “ankle flexion”




Back protector (strongly recommended)

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The Sugarbush/GMVS Ski club will communicate with families through TeamSnap, which utilizes  both text messages and email.