Dear Ski Club Families,

I hope you are all enjoying the summer. I’m excited for the upcoming 2017-2018 ski-racing season, and we’re pleased to announce this year’s club registration process.


2017-2018 Registration will be open to former club members for the first 72 hours beginning at 4pm Thursday, August 10th. This will allow returning families a chance to sign up before we open it up to new families. Registration will be open to the public Sunday, August 13 at 4pm.

Registration will once again be done through AdminSports. Use your email and password from last year to login. (If you have forgotten your password you can use your e-mail to retrieve password). If you are new to the Club you will have to create an account. If some of your information has changed, such as mailing address or e-mail, you will need to modify your registration page.  If you are struggling to find your login or have questions, email Adam Julius


2017-2018 GMVS Ski Club Registration Information

Click HERE to start the registration process. Make sure you have read all the information below before going to on-line registration. You will need to provide your child(ren)’s health insurance information as well as their primary doctor and emergency contacts at the time of registration.

NOTE: AdminSports is the same organization through which athletes register for Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA). When you sign up for the GMVS club, you will automatically be registered for VARA and be asked to pay their $55.00 registration fee. You will not have to sign up for VARA separately.


This Year’s Programs:

For more information about this year’s programs, please see the respective program pages.

U7 Program (YOB 2011)

U10 Program (YOB 2010, 2009, 2008)

U12 Program (YOB 2007, 2006)

U14 Program (YOB 2005, 2004)

U16 Program (YOB 2003, 2002)

Bridge Programs



Club Membership $500 Family Requirement
Race Duty Fee (refundable) $420 Family Requirement
See Program Fee See Program Descriptions Above Per athlete

Discounts given for payment by September 8th, 2017

Locker Rental $350 for regular size

$700 for large size


Club Membership Fee: Each family is charged an annual $500 membership fee. Proceeds support development, daily operating costs, club supplies and maintenance, surface lift operators and salaries.

Race Duty Fee: A refundable $420 race duty deposit is paid by each participating family. Deposits are refunded in May of that year to each family who complete the required 3 race duties (or 6 training center clean-ups) or combination of the two, during the season.

Program Fees: Program fees are outlined above in the program descriptions.  Pay by September 8, 2017 to receive the best pricing.

Locker Rentals:  Seasonal locker rentals are available to all members. Large locker rentals are $700 and regular locker rentals are $350.

Multi Child Discount:  If you are enrolling more than one child in the program, the following discounts are applied to each additional child:

¨  $25.00 first additional child

¨  $50.00 second additional child

¨  $75.00 for third additional child

Club program fees do not include the Sugarbush season’s pass!  See for season’s pass information.  Athletes need Sugarbush All-Mountain passes. (Early season pass price deadline 9/13/17)

Please note registration is subject to CLOSE based on availability at 5pm on October 13, 2017 or sooner    

2017-2018 Calendar