Sugarbush /GMVS Ski Club

The Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club is a non-profit organization associated with Green Mountain Valley School.  The Club supports 160 young athletes and employs 30 coaches.  We believe in a fun and positive learning experience that Club racing, skiing and VARA (Vermont Area Racing Association) racing have to offer.  The Club allows youngsters the opportunity to realize their potential while learning an exciting and exhilarating sport that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.  Ski racing will teach the positive aspects of competition, the skills of setting and pursuing goals, and the value of hard work.  Skiing is one of the few sports that a family can enjoy together for many years, and the Club provides a safe and positive atmosphere for kids, and the opportunity for parents to meet and ski with other adults.


Sugarbush Ski Resort

We are very fortunate and proud to be located at the base of one of New England’s BEST ski resorts – SUGARBUSH’S Mt. Ellen Ski Area.  Sugarbush’s commitment to our success is unparalleled.  They offer us excellent early- and late-season skiing conditions, top-rated training space, and excellent race support.  Sugarbush’s mountain management and staff are an essential part of the Club’s success. Sugarbush resort maintains 115 trails and 16 lifts, including 5 high-speed quads and the GMVS Poma. The Slide Brook Express connects Mt. Ellen with Sugarbush’s other fine mountain, Lincoln Peak, which helps our racers easily access a vast variety of terrain.


GMVS (Green Mountain Valley School) Affiliation

The Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club is a subsidiary of the Green Mountain Valley School.  GMVS is one of the most successful ski racing academies in the United States, known for both its athletics and academics.  GMVS graduates have competed in the Olympics, won World Championship medals, and won numerous races on the World Cup circuit. In addition, GMVS skiers have dominated the NCAA series and won many NCAA titles. Numerous GMVS student/athletes have been named to the US Ski Team, and GMVS annually places many graduates in the most prestigious colleges in the country.  We are very fortunate to be part of GMVS.  The Club gains from sharing facilities, equipment, training space, and racing knowledge with GMVS. For more information, visit


GMVS coaches will be working with our Club coaches and athletes periodically throughout the season.  GMVS understands the importance of helping young skiers become ski racers.  The Club also utilizes the GMVS campus and gym facilities for dry land training and special events.


Coaching Staff

The bulk of our coaching staff has been with the program for more than five years.  Director/Head Coach Adam Julius leads the team of coaches who are committed to creating a positive learning atmosphere in which our athletes can have fun and pursue their dreams.  Adam has been the Ski Club Head Coach since 1993.  He is also the Head J3 Coach at GMVS and is a USSCA Level 3 certified coach.  Adam has coached with the US Ski Team at the Topolino World J3 Championships and the Whistler Cup J3 World Championships.  Adam was named Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA) Junior Development Coach of the Year for 2003. Adam is committed to the success of the Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club.  His dedication to the Club and personal expertise in coaching has helped the Club become one of the best in the U.S.

Assisting Adam at the club is Sally Utter who grew up in the Mad River Valley and was a member of the Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club as a youth.  Sally went to GMVS and was a member of the U.S. Ski Team from 1985 to 1989 and a four-time first-team All-American and NCAA champion, skiing for the University of Vermont.  While at UVM she majored in Secondary Education. After coaching FIS level men at GMVS, she spent 10 years running the Mad River Ski Club before coming to the Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club for the 2011 season.  Sally lives in Waitsfield with her husband, Steve, and their two daughters, Katie and Hannah.


The Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club Building

On October 10, 1993 we opened the doors of the new training center at Mt. Ellen.  It houses a private lunch area, video analysis station, a public telephone, private storage, coaches’ room, and 85 lockers.  In 2005, we expanded the building to include a larger lunch area, video center, bathrooms, coaches’ room and additional locker and storage space making the facility one of the most fully equipped in the east.



Our junior programs are for youngsters 6-18 years old.  All our programs follow a basic skiing/racing progression while keeping the emphasis on FUN.  Coaches utilize the US Ski Team’s technical and tactical progression skiing program with a mixture of drills, exercises, free skiing and gate training to help our young racers improve and reach their goals.

All Full-Time Club Programs Include:
☺        Dryland training
☺        Approximately 17 weekends of on-snow training December- March
☺        Holiday and February vacation training
☺        Junior race support

GMVS SKI CLUB Cell Phone Policy:

No Cell phones on the hill, on lift, in jackets….

Kids may have phones in their bags and may check them quickly during lunch/breaks to see if they have updates from parents… Besides that, no cell phone use in the Club.

When we use the term “cell phone” we mean I-touches, I pads, computers and the like,

 You may lose phone and / or skiing for Day / or more…



  1. Ski Club members will respect and be considerate of the rights and responsibilities of ourselves and others.
  2. Members will respect and be considerate of our own property and the property of others.
  3. Members will act in a manner that ensures the safety of themselves and others.
  4. Members should uphold and contribute to the Club’s philosophy and goals.
  5. Sugarbush/GMVS Ski Club members and friends ONLY allowed in the TrainingCenter.
  6. Individuals are responsible to clean up after themselves utilizing the Trash and Recycle bins located in the Training Center.
  7. Knapsacks, lunch bags and boot bags must be stored in lockers or free cubbies provided for use upstairs or downstairs.
  8. Skis must be left on racks located OUTSIDE the building at the upper and lower entrances.  NO SKIS SHOULD EVER BE LEFT ON THE GROUND.
  9. The office, thermostats, furnace room, radio room and heating vents are STRICTLY OFF LIMITS.
  10. The Club is not responsible for any equipment left in the Training Center.  NO SKIS, POLES, SNOWBOARDS OR GATES allowed upstairs in the TrainingCenter at anytime.




It is the responsibility of every Ski Club member, young and old, to abide by the rules of the Ski Club and to behave in a friendly and courteous manner at all times.  It is also the responsibility of every Ski Club member to uphold these rules and to confront any member that is breaking the rules.

However, if a situation occurs that warrants disciplinary action, the first step is to inform the Head Coach, and the Club Manager of the situation immediately.  At this time appropriate steps will be taken to deal with the situation.  These steps may include some or all of the following;

  1. Verbal warning
  2.  2nd verbal warning in one day- athlete is excused for the rest of the session. He or she must return to the ski club and sit for the remainder of the day- please let the Club manager know. This procedure must be followed by a discussion with the parent at the end of the day.
  3.  2nd day of discipline- meeting with parents and director or assistant director.
  4.  3rd day of discipline- meeting with athlete and director or assistant director. A letter will go into the athletes file and warrants a conversation prior to the participation in the following season.
  5.  4th day of discipline will result in expulsion from the ski club.